At the end of each Overwatch match, players are shown a short clip titled 'play of the game' which highlights the best play during the match. Make defensive plays a thing by rewarding players that are able to hold down a point against superior odds like a Mei surviving long enough on the point for friends to arrive. A team kill could mean you did c… Read More

Whether you're a "Road Warrior" who has piled up thousands of Frequent Flier Miles, or someone who is planning a vacation to a distant location, you are likely to experience the phenomenon of "jet lag," which can have a profound effect on your sleep and alertness. Try and keep any night time play fairly calm and quiet, with only minimal lighting. I… Read More

So, you've decided to quit your day job to get your very own social media agency off the ground. Everybody has an email so this can be effective for getting clients in almost any industry: web design agencies can reach out to ugly websites via email, accountants can reach out to startups via email, IT companies can reach out to large enterprises vi… Read More

Fort Triumph is currently in Early Gain access to has begun and we've a look at the new world map while trying legendary difficulty. Minor patch 0.7.6 is live with a slew of fixes and modifications predicated on your feedback. These minimal patches will release frequently and focus on instant fixes and solutions, while main patches will introduce n… Read More

Where I'm from, you grab a kebab or pizza on the way home after a night out drinking. Every night I walk down Soi 31 under the dark trees to the Eugenia hotel and press on to the beginning of Soi 23 that intersects it. I go to a place called Hanamori — and drink two glasses of sake with some yakitori to practice my Japanese and then walk on down … Read More